First Responder

Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Police

Spill Response Supervisor 6959894

PORT ARTHUR – Assesses the situation, identifies scope of work, develops safe and efficient work plan. Conducts tailgate safety meetings& initiates activities. Bonuses, benefits, O/T hrs. Valid DL, HS diploma/GED, 1 yr experience req’d. Call 1-877-834-5627 to apply.

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Emergency Response Operations Manager 3247288

PORT ARTHUR – Prepare, review and oversee bids for scheduled work. Facilitate, coordinate/dispatch manpower assignments, equipment deployment & ensure maximum effective utilization of available resources. O/T hrs, benefits. HS diploma/GED, 1 yr experience. Call 1-877-834-5627 to apply.

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R&D Analytical Technician – JPID 6801169 ORANGE

RESPONSIBILITIES: Performing analysis by accurately and efficiently following written methods. Performing equipment calibration and maintenance. Monitoring and troubleshooting performance of the analytical instrumentation and equipment. Performing statistical analysis of data, and preparing and presenting associated reports.

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